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So here’s the thing. When people look at the above pictures all they see is a before and after. 100 lbs difference. The beginning and the conclusion. But the truth is my story had so many chapters than just that. I had so many ups and downs, so many plateaus, so many tears and doubts and failures.  I didn’t just lose weight constantly and gradually. I lost and gained and lost and gained. I got sick sometimes. Semesters started and ended. Life got hard sometimes. My priorities changed all the time. But that didn’t stop me. 

The difference between this and all the other times before that I lost weight and gained it back is that this time, I became healthy. I became my goal before I reached my goal. I put my health first. I decided to get healthy instead of losing weight. I put myself first. Before that I put everybody else first. I used to want to lose weight so people would think I’m attractive. Now I was losing weight for me. So I can live longer and happier. 

People usually add their before and after weights to progress pics but here’s something different:

Before - suffering from insulin resistance and taking pre diabetes pills 3 times/day, struggling to go up the stairs or even walk to class.
After - healthy, no diseases or health conditions, getting stronger and fitter and building a better body. :) 

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